Who we are

We are Unison watches, A brand founded by a product designer that is passionate about watches and would like to offer something fresh and original to the market.  We are a very young brand, we don’t have any history or heritage, but that’s fine, we are here to make our history, and we are here to mark our existence in the watch industry.

No, I didn’t inherit a vintage Omega from my grandfather, nor was I inspired by any legendary supercar or extreme sports. We were simply fascinated by the intricate small piece of machinery that ticks and tells time. Combined with our design background, we would like to bring some new ideas for everyone that also share the same passion. 

We are not trying to be someone else, not trying to borrow the history of other unrelated designs or stories. And hopefully, we can create our own history.

Where are our watches made?

No word games here: Our watches are manufactured in Guangdong, China. With Japanese Miyota 9039 movements. Every single one of them goes through final quality control here in Toronto. 

We take pride in our products, and we believe what makes a good product is its quality, not where it’s being made. We, Unison Watches, as a Canadian brand, take full responsibility for the quality of every product we ship to you.