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Model Orbital

A fresh and unique design, that looks like no other. With excellent build quality and details.

Model Orbital

Our first, more to follow.

Introducing: Model Orbital

Introducing: Model Orbital

What do WE mean, by saying "Innovation":

We design what we envision a watch could be. Maybe the design is not to everyone’s taste, someone may love it, and someone may hate it. But, we only have one life to live! there is no time to “play it safe”.

The last thing we want for our designs is to have people think: “Oh, it's a watch just like any other”


Design for comfort

The slim profile slides right under your cuff. Fits wrist size from 6'' to 8.6'' perfectly, with 2 half-links of different sizes. Guarantee a perfect fit.

Design for versatility

Constructed with scratch resistant 316L stainless steel, paired with 100 meter water resistance and BGW9 lume. Handles your day to day need like a charm.

Design to be unique

Just like our Model Orbital, all of our future designs will be worthy as a "conversation starter piece".