Campaign Timeline:

Here is the plan to make it happen

Why Kickstarter?

As much as we would like to fund our first batch production, we don’t have enough upfront capital for the production run after all the R&D and prototyping costs. 

Many may ask why use the platform instead of a pre-sale on our own website. We understand that there have been some unpleasant precedents with crowdfunding campaigns, and we too are sad to see them happen because they are hurting the watch community as a whole. However, those platforms have the reach and advertising power we can only dream of having, and those resources are critical for us, especially in our infancy stage. 

We believe it is the people behind the brand that actually matters, not the platform. If the people behind the brand decide to cheat on their customers and not deliver what they promised, they can do that either way. Honesty and innovation are our core values. We know that trust and reputation are to be earned, and we will do our best to earn your trust to build our brand.

Will we deliver, or will we take the money and run away? If the campaign succeeds.

Short answer: We will deliver.

Long answer: I can give my word for it, however, “My word” means nothing coming from a brand that hasn’t established its reputation. As a show of good faith to earn your trust, the production order of the first 300 pieces of watch dials has been placed and paid for. Although we still need crowdfunding to fund the full production (all other parts + assembly), we have invested as much as we can to fund the production on our own. 

Why dials? If you wonder. Because our dial design is distinct to our watches, they cannot be re-sold to other brands/manufacturers to put in their watches. If I don’t deliver them in a complete watch to you, they became “worthless” to everyone, and I have to take the loss of the whole dial production. 

The factory has finished stocking raw materials and will begin production shortly after the Chinese New Year. Image and video proof of the production will follow soon after the batch takes shape.